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Remote Education

From 23rd March 2020, Covid-19 disrupted the education of millions of children across the globe, as lockdowns closed schools for extended periods of time and governments have sought to control the spread of the virus by requiring certain pupils and their families to self-isolate.


In response to this, schools needed to adapt their provision, moving wholly or partially online in response to changing government guidance. At points, changes to the virus statistics necessitated this move to be sudden, without prior warning. In response to this, Churchill Primary along with others across the country, developed a Remote Education Strategy which can be found below. We hope that those days are behind us, but leave it here is recognition of the fact that we may at some point need to use it in the future, even if just for severe weather school closures.


Periodically, we may update and alter the offer in response to teacher and parent feedback, or as better practice comes to light. We welcome suggestions for improvement; often these highlight elements of provision from the home perspective which are not apparent at the school end. It is important to recognise however, that there are many considerations and factors at play, some of which are not immediately obvious to all stakeholders, so it may not be possible or practical to act upon every suggestion.