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Week 3

Aspen and Larch

This week's BIG WRITE is HOT!


Check out your Literacy Week 3 page to find out more...

Poplar Big Write



As you guys did such an amazing job of writing your stories last week, I thought we would use another animation as a stimulus for this week’s writing.


This story is called: The Bridge by Ting Chian Tey


This short animation portrays a very important message about how we behave and how we should treat one another in a kind, polite and supportive way. We meet two sets of characters in this story, two that are rude, aggressive and mean, and then two that are friendly, respectful and supportive. I wonder if you can work out which of the characters fit which profile?


The story shows us that when you behave in a positive way and work together rather than against one another you will achieve the greatest success.


This time around we are going to spend some time together is our Poplar Class morning meeting mapping out this story and planning what we are going to include. You might like to print out the planning frame below, although this is not essential.


Remember, your BIG WRITE environment is super special:

  • clear all distractions; turn the tv off and head away from brothers and sisters for a bit
  • find somewhere comfy to sit or lay on your tummy
  • play a little relaxing music softly in the background
  • maybe your home has a diffuser, incense sticks, or a scented candle that an adult can set up somewhere safely for you - this really helps to set the mood in the classroom 
  • start a timer; aim to write for at least 40 minutes.


Ready? Steady? WRITE!