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Week 3

22.1.21 Friday Investigation


This investigation is a low threshold high ceiling investigation, which means that it is accessible for all and is designed to be a bit of fun for a Friday. It is a good opportunity for the children to practise counting and to record findings in different ways. And there's the added bonus that everyone could have a completely different answer and still be right.


As learners we need to find strategies to keep track of where we have got to in terms of numbers of legs, and to regulate and readjust as we get close to twelve. You may even consider creatures with one 'leg' such as slugs and snails, no legs such as snakes, and all the other possibilities for fun. You can record your workings in any way you wish, by drawing the creatures, writing out as number sentences, making the creatures out of play dough or salt dough. It is entirely up to you!


Key questions

What creatures could there be?

How many legs do they each have?

What's the greatest number of creatures he could have seen?

What's the smallest number of creatures he could have seen?


Possible extension

You could ask questions such as: What if ... there were twelve creatures? How many legs could that be?

What if there were more legs... 18, 24, 19 ... or fewer?


21.1.21 WALT: add-three-one-digit-numbers

Today the children need to use their knowledge of commutativity to find the most quick and efficient way to add the three one-digit numbers together.




This means that we can change the order of the numbers we are adding together to help us. Today we are going to need to know and use our number bonds to 10.


Mild, Spicy and Hot all have the same activity to complete today, to practise this skill. Watch the short video before you begin and then to challenge yourself, take a look at the reasoning and problem solving questions below. 


Remember ... Show your working out and explain your reasoning.

Chose from the challenge cards below after finishing your 'Find the difference' questions.

Look for the Stars ti see what level of challenge your card is:




18.1.21 - Mild, Spicy and Hot

Get comfortable using your chosen method for subtraction today and chose your level of challenge to complete some fluency questions.


Complete these Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions, making sure you show and explain your working out.