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It's a good idea to start daily phonics/reading with the video below. It goes through the trickier digraphs (two letters, one sound). 

Phonics Digraphs Phase 3 Phonics

Revise your Phase 3 sounds with this phonics digraphs and trigraphs video covering the qu, sh, ch, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, ow, or, oi, ur, ear, air, er ...

Reception Week 14 


This week we are learning to read the sound er. Watch these videos and then have a go at the activities below.

Week 14, Lesson 15 - Reception

'er' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Write Dance - This week we are learning the letter z

•  Cover a whole page with letters using lots of different colours.

•  Write words starting with z.

•  Write sentences including words with in them.



Saturday Morning Yoga | Under the sea 🐙

Enjoy this week's under the sea Cosmic Yoga!

Year 1 Week 14 


This week we are going to be revisiting two digraphs that make the same sound – oi and oy (coin, boy, toy, oyster, boiling, spoil, enjoy, foil, poison, royal)

Watch the two Number Blocks clips below to help you revise these digraphs, then have a go at each of the activities.


Alphablocks Series 4 - Cowboy


Alphablocks - Volume 3 Episode 14 - The End (Diagraphs OI, OR, UR)

Activity 1

Can you make a grid of oy and oi words just like I have below? How many you can think of with each digraph? I hope that you can think up more than me! Can you say each word in a sentence out loud to ensure you understand what each word means?









Activity 2

Read these sentences with an adult and then see if you can you copy them out in your neatest handwriting and highlight all of the oi and oy words?

The boy laughed because he thought the oyster had poison in it.

Do many royals enjoy going to work?

Will it spoil a toy mouse if you boil it in oil?

Can you make up one sentence of your own using one oi and one oy word?


Activity 3. Can you spot all of the oi words?

Activity 4. Can you spot all of the oy words?

Boil the Toy oi oy mnemonic (the two spellings of /oi/)

Boil the Toy song -to recognise oi and oy digraphs

And finally... Can you read and write all of these tricky words? 

Mr Mc is uploading a lesson each day onto his YouTube page (link below). These online lessons are fun and engaging so please do watch them with your child - I'm sure they'll enjoy and learn! 






Oh no! An alien has written you a letter but it's all written in Alien! Can you use the Alien- English dictionary to translate the letter and write it in English? Do let me know what is says please. Year 1, maybe you could use the dictionary to write your own Alien letter, the someone in your house can use the dictionary to work it out. 

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