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From Week 2


Please find below a Home Learning grid for our Space Topic. This will allow the children to have some autonomy over their own learning whilst their at home. We would like the children to choose 1 topic-related task per week. We know how imaginative the children can be so they are perfectly welcome to create their own activity that may not be listed on the grid! 


Home Learning Grid - Space

Week 1

We have been learning all about space travel and the significance of Neil Armstrong's mission to land on the moon. Did you how that Neil Armstrong fell in love with flying when his father took him for a ride in an aeroplane when he was six years old. As a little boy, he loved to read about flying and built model planes. Neil got his pilot's licence when he was just 16, before he could even drive a car! 


Ask you parents to help you find out as much as you can about Neil Armstrong. You could create a poster or complete the fact-file attached. We know how much you love                                                    finding out new facts so we can't wait to learn new things from you!