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T3: Writing


For the first two weeks of Term 3 we will be continuing with our focus story 'The Journey Home.'


The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home.

Join him on his adventure across the seas and discover the many

friends he meets along the way.


Below is a video link for you to listen to and remind yourself of the story. Have a go at drawing your own story map to show what happened.

Things to make and do:

👍 Go outside and look at clouds together
What shapes can you see? Make a picture of shapes in the clouds using white paint or chalk on blue or grey paper.

👍 Play the story
Use a box or tub as the boat and soft toys as the animals. Act out the story and as each animal joins maybe they could tell a bit more of their story about what happened to them.

👍 Draw the next scene of the story
What would children like to happen next? They could draw a next double page showing what the animals do.

👍 Make a poster
Children might like to choose one animal and make a poster eg ‘Save the Panda!’



Read more books by Frann Preston-Gannon and find out more about the author. 

Titles include:

Dinosaur Farm

Sloth Slept on

Pepper and Poe

Dave’s Cave


Find out about the dodo

Watch a video about animals which are in danger of extinction