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R/1: Reading

Looking for words to read and learn, that can add a spring to your step while reading and writing?


In Reception and Year 1, our first focus is on learning High Frequency Words and Tricky Words. These come up lots during our phonics sessions and are the kind of words we use in everyday language so are highly likely to want to write down too. We have colour coded your HF and Tricky words and organised them by Phonics Phase below.


Begin with Phase 2 and set your child a challenge to read and/or write a page at a time. Once they are fluent readers, they will be able to 'sight-read' (look at the word and recall it straight away without sounding out). This is the point at which they are ready to move on to the next set. When your child is writing, encourage them to be referring back to their latest sheet to ensure their spellings are correct - again, once they are able to write these without support or checking, they are ready to move on!


You may well find that some words are absorbed easier than others, this is common and natural. Perhaps cut these individual words out and stick them up around your home - use them as a 'password' to be read before opening cupboards or walking through doorways, to make learning a little more fun laugh.



Enjoying listening to stories? How about exploring some of these: