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Autumn 2 - The Great Storm


To complement our topic of "What was new in the Stone Age?", we have chosen to study Terry Deary's "Stone Age Tales: The Great Storm" in our reading lessons. 

Skara Brae, Orkney, Scotland, 5000 years ago

On the cold and windy island of Skara Brae, Tuk and his sister Storm try to catch birds in their fishing net. They eat fish day in, day out, and they're sick of it. But when a thief steals half their tribe's winter food stores, being bored of their dinner is the least of their problems. What if they starve? And even worse, what if it's true that their father's the thief?

To link with our topic this term, "Where in the world are we?", we have chosen to study Paddington by Michael Bond in our Destination Reader lessons. 


"A Bear called Paddington" is a much loved children's classic. It is exciting to learn more about a well known character and discover more about how he came to live in London. 


We will be looking at the story in depth in our daily reading sessions.