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Visions and Values



The Churchill School

'Limitless Potential in God's Image'

Mission Statement

"We want our children to achieve the highest standards possible, not only academically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually. To be the best that they can be."



Our Values

Our values are the bedrock of all we do and reflect the strong Christian ethos of the school. They have been chosen by the staff and children of Churchill School to support us in becoming the people that God designed us to be. We aspire to demonstrate them in all aspects of school life.












To provide an excellent academic grounding, ensuring high levels of success for children in core areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics and explicit teaching around becoming an effective life-long learner.



To develop in children a love of learning through an exciting, rigorous and challenging curriculum, encompassing Humanities, Sports and The Arts, as well as a wide-ranging extra-curricular offer.



To ensure children thrive by providing excellent pastoral care and family support, whilst promoting outstanding character education and equipping children with the tools they need to ensure their own positive mental health and wellbeing.



To nurture children who have a sound moral compass, underpinned by Christian teaching, are empathetic to those around them, socially responsible and have the courage to do right in the world, even when this is not the popular option.



Measuring Success

To help us understand to what extent we are achieving our vision, we have created pen-profiles for different stakeholders which reflect our ambitions.



By the time they leave at age eleven, our children are curious, resilient and self-motivated individuals who have developed the foundations for life-long love of learning.


They have acquired excellent academic skills in core subjects, enabling them to succeed from the outset in their secondary education.


They have learnt the social skills and emotional intelligence, which enable communication, co-operation, adaptability and respect to underpin their interactions and decision making as they move towards adulthood.


They are compassionate and kind to those around them, recognise right from wrong and are unafraid to do the right thing, even when it is not the popular option.


Our parents feel warmly welcomed into the school community, regardless of their circumstances.


They have great confidence in the school, knowing that their child is making excellent progress and is well cared for.


They feel well-informed about school life and understand with clarity their child’s academic and social profile in school, where they are succeeding and where their growth focus should be.

There is abundant opportunity to be involved, alongside excellent support for those who find this more difficult.


When asked, their views on the school are positive and where difficulties arise, they feel confident that these will be listened to and resolved. They are our biggest advocates in the community.

Our staff are creative, innovative individuals who consistently go the extra-mile, whole-heartedly comitted to excellence in education and achieving the best for every child.


They are reflective self-motivated professionals, constantly seeking to improve. They have expert knowledge in their field, and a flair for using this to get the best from their pupils.


They are positive and good team players, who enjoy an open culture where seeking to support others improvement, sharing best practice, as well as listening to and working on feedback advice, are key features.


They understand the central importance of school life for many children; they dream big and work tirelessly to build resilience, independence, aspiration and academic success, so improving life-chances for all.