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Resilient Rose


Rose knows that she will learn best when she is totally engrossed in what she is doing. This is the sort of focus where an explosion could happen next to her and she wouldn’t even know it had happened because she is so absorbed in what she is doing. Our children are learning to concentrate, focus and absorb themselves in their learning like Rose.


Managing Distractions:

There are many things that can distract us in the classroom and beyond when we are trying to focus on what we are doing. It could be too hot, there may be a flickering light as trees outside move in the breeze, drumming rain or snow can be distracting, as can other people’s movement or voices. At Churchill we learn to manage distractions by steadfastly ignoring sensory distractions where possible or making mature decisions without fuss to overcome them. An example of this might be moving to a different seat away from the direct sunlight.



Rose loves a tricky challenge, but she recognises that sometimes it can be hard to keep going when she feels as though she isn’t getting anywhere. She has learnt that feeling like giving up is natural, but that this is when it is especially important to persevere and keep on trying until she succeeds. Rose can often be heard whispering “When do we give up? We never give up!”



Rose is particularly keen to help Churchill children understand that to be a good learner, you have to be constantly on the look-out seeking new information and noticing the details of what is around you. A good learner doesn’t wait for the information to be spelt out to them, they are always a step ahead, trying to draw out and spot things for themselves. Rose helps Churchill children to be perceptive, observing things for themselves, often before a teacher has even had a chance to point them out.