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Lower School

Reading and Phonics

In Lower School, homework is focused around learning phonic sounds and practising reading. This needs to happen daily for children to make good progress and to ensure what is taught in school is reinforced and secured in their long term memories. The time a parent spends reading 1:1 with their child would be impossible to replicate in a busy classroom with up to 30 children and so it is easy to see why this time is invaluable to children's progress. Children should practice their phonics and read for 10-15 minutes each day.


Home Learning Challenges

In addition to daily reading and phonics practise, children receive 'Home Learning Challenges'. These challenges are given each week and follow directly on from the week's learning and are fun, engaging and designed to involved parents and children in working together. Whilst they are a great way for you to connect with your child's learning and see what they are able to achieve, support them and talk with them about their activity, Home Learning Challenges remain optional for Lower School Children.


Doodle Maths

Lower School children also have a DoodleMaths login and we would encourage them to start to build good habits at this age, opting to complete a few stars each day, ready for when this becomes a formal expectation in Year 2. DoodleMaths can be completed on a Google Chrome web browser in a computer or on any touch screen device by downloaded the DoodleMaths app.