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Traffic Watch

The children at Churchill School have been concerned about the way some people drive in the roads near the school and on the school driveway. They are worried about...

  • speeding
  • inconsiderate parking
  • drivers mounting the curb
  • drivers using mobile phones or eating while driving
  • drivers smoking with children in the car and
  • people not wearing seatbelts or not using the correct booster seats.


Some of the children worked with the local PCSO, police officers, firefighters and the Community Warden to carry out a survey of driving near the school. They measured speeds using a laser gun and gave out Red Cards to any driver behaving dangerously. The whole school has used the data collected to analyse driving habits and as evidence to support letters. The year 6 children also made a documentary.

News Articles

Survey Statistics

Red Cards

Letters from the children

Beep Beep Day

The infant children held a fundraising day, to raise money for the road safety charity Brake. They all dressed in brightly coloured clothes and took part in lots of activities about road safety.

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Kindness Togetherness Excellence In the Light of Christ

Prospective parent tours for September 2019 entry available. Call the School Office on 01959 562197 to make an appointment.
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