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The House System

When children join the school they are placed into one of four houses; Armstrong, Hillary, Peters and Bannister. The children are rewarded with housepoints for a number of different reasons. Working hard, politeness, good manners and sportmanship are just some of the ways children can earn these rewards. Housepoints are then collated each week by the House Captains in Year 6 and personal successes further celebrated in a weekly House Meeting through the awarding of commendation certificates.  The children enjoy finding out which house has achieved the most housepoints each week and look forward to finding out which house leads at the end of each term.


Neil Armstrong

"Many young children dream of being an astronaut. This was also the dream of Neil Armstrong - he was the first man on the moon. His determination inspires us to follow our wildest dreams even if they seem ‘out of this world’. His interest in science and space exploration makes us want to learn more!" (Year 6)



Edmond Hillary

"Being the first person to reach the Summit of Mount Everest, Edmond Hillary is truly an admired man. His ambition teaches us to ‘keep climbing’ to achieve more and more. The strength and fitness needed to undertake this task shows us the importance of looking after ourselves and keeping fit and healthy." (Year 6)


Mary Peters

"Winning a gold medal is something we all dream of. Not only is Mary Peters an amazing athlete but an inspiration to the younger generation to reach their goals and try their personal best. We are motivated to achieve Gold, whether it be a gold medal in the Olympics or a gold certificate for our record of achievement, we are all aiming high!" (Year 6)


Roger Bannister

"Going the extra mile is certainly what Roger Bannister did. He set himself the goal and time limit of running the four minute mile and succeeded. This encourages us to have aims and ambitions and achieve them within a certain time frame. Like Bannister, we will keep on going and never give up! Maybe one day in the future one of us will become a famous athlete!" (Year 6)

Our House Captains

Our House Captains 1
Our House Captains 2
Our House Captains 3
Our House Captains 4

Kindness Togetherness Excellence In the Light of Christ

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