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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Language


We wish to encourage a passion for languages; learning a language opens a multitude of new and exciting cultural experiences. It could also be an important stepping stone to building strong and lasting relationships socially and in business too; especially with companies trying to reach global markets.


The National Curriculum requires a focus on one language at KS2, which will ultimately lead children into Key Stage 3 and hopefully an interest beyond. Historically Churchill C E Primary has focused on French and we are continuing with this choice. In addition we offer a Beginners Italian club which has proved popular with a focus on aural /oral teaching.


French is taught by the children’s class teacher, 30 minutes per week. We focus on speaking and listening skills and introduce basic grammatical concepts too. Copying and reading familiar words complements the learning as well as repetition to reinforce to memory. The emphasis is upon helping pupils to learn, and to pronounce correctly, a functional vocabulary on day-to-day topics. In order to instil good pronunciation and reliable recall of vocabulary, our teachers use a scheme called Tout Le Monde. This allows children to learn through stimulating interactive whiteboard visuals and games.

Kindness Togetherness Excellence In the Light of Christ

Prospective parent tours for September 2019 entry available. Call the School Office on 01959 562197 to make an appointment.
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