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Alder - Year 5

Welcome to Alder Class

We are a class of Year 5 children and our teacher is Mrs Carter.

We are a class of Year 5 children and our teacher is Mrs Carter.  1

Welcome Back!

You can read our welcome letter here.

Alder Class - Latest News!

Term 1

We have had a really busy start to the school year! You can look on this page to find information about what we are learning in different subjects and some links to help you get connected at home.




The Great Debate!

This year we will be taking part in regular debates in our classroom. Each time we will ask the children to research the pros and cons of a different subject ready to debate at the end of the week. The children will be told on the day which side they are arguing, so they must be prepared to speak either for or against each topic.

During our first week back we looked at the Draft Local Plan, produced by Sevenoaks District Council and giving details of possible building development sites throughout the area. We looked closely at the map of Westerham and debated the positive and negative points of the proposed development in our town. After the debate we drafted our own letters to Sevenoaks Council supporting our opinions. Mrs Gillinder emailed the council using quotes from our letters to let them know the results of our voting.

You can find out the results below!






Our focus book for English: The Man Who Walked Between Two Towers.


“ I see three oranges and I have to juggle. I see two towers and I have to walk.”

Just who was Philippe Petit? And what made him want to tightrope between two of the world's tallest buildings? We have been imagining the dreams and motivations of this daring Frenchman.

Find out more by following the link below to see a news report from 1974.






Hola Mexico!

We are excited about our fantastic new topic and have already seen some amazing independent learning going on through our homework tasks. Remember, just select an activity from the homework grid and show us what you've done!

You can find our homework grid below, plus a guide to our topic for your parents and carers.


Kindness Togetherness Excellence In the Light of Christ

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